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What did you like about this online service? What would you improve? What feature you would add? Please leave a comment on this online service that will help us for next year's conference. Also, how do you recommend that we motivate attendees and presenters to "discuss" more on the site?

Tanya Berger-Wolf: Agree with Lei. In general, it would be good to use the social networking aspects of the service more: keep and use the network from year to year (even augment fro LinkedIn if the user agrees), suggest talks and contacts, use RFIDs or other tags duri... [read more]
Suresh Venkatasubramanian: I like the idea of RFID tags. There's even a simpler version of this though: on each attendee's badge, print a QR code that smartphones can read, that would link the attendee to their crowdvine profile. Google already does this for their recruiter bu... [read more]
Lei Tang: Another feature I found missing is the notification of new comments for people involved in the same thread. I believe a notification would keep people interested in the thread get updated and hopefully keep the discussion alive.

Wed, Oct 6 at 9:32PM (5 comments)

Ronny Bjarnason posted a small crititque

Overall the conference seemed to be a huge success. Many thanks to the organizers. My only critique: as a rule, there was not enough time allotted to ask questions to the speakers. Frequently the session moderator would request that everything be taken "off line" after a cursory response to the first question. There was rarely time for follow up and/or additional questions. Toward the end of the conference, the audience stopped asking questions a... [read more]

Tanya Berger-Wolf: Agree with Ronny. In general, I think session chairs should enforce the time limits better. This allows for better discussions and for people to switch sessions if they wish.

Mon, Aug 2 at 4:03PM (1 comment)

Marcin Wojnarski posted KDD 2011 - where?

Do you know anything about KDD 2011? There's no info on the net. Where and when is it going to happen? Thanks for any hints.

Lei Tang: It will be held at San Diego on August 14-17 next year. Exact date and location subject to change :)

Mon, Aug 2 at 12:03PM (1 comment)

Just curious, where can we find photos taken at KDD? I think it would be great for those presenters. I checked photos at this social networking site, but it seems none of them is about KDD'10.

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Is it possible to obtain a copy/video/notes on Konrad Feldman's (from Quantcast) talk?

Gabor Melli: All keynotes and most talks will be made available on videolectures.com as they were for KDD'09 http://videolectures.net/kdd09_paris/ It will likely take several weeks before they are published.

Thu, Jul 29 at 2:12PM (1 comment)

Gabor Melli posted SIGKDD on LinkedIn

If you are a LinkedIn member, then you should consider joining the SIGKDD group, which you can find at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=160888

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Meet me at KDD 2010 or email ruben.thompson@agilex.com if you're interested in career opportunities.

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Baojun Qiu posted Anybody found a car key?

Post for my friend, If you found a car key (for a rental car from national), please call 608-698-9429 ASAP. I appreciate your help. BJ

Huseyin Oktay: If still not found, they were mentioning found car keys in the opening ceremony which should be at the front desk.
Baojun Qiu: Hi Huseyin, Great. I appreciate that you left the message to let us know this. Have a good night!
Baojun Qiu: Got the car key back. Thank Hyatt security and you all.

Mon, Jul 26 at 9:20AM (3 comments)

His explanation is beautiful, easy to follow and intuitive.

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Interested in industry applications such as inbound marketing (not just ecommerce, also all other more traditional channels such as contact center and retail), credit risk management and it's link with real time marketing and decision management as a tool to make predictive analytics actionable? Feel free to connect over Crowdvine or in a coffee break to share experiences. Either because you are working in these areas, have problems related to th... [read more]

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ISI-KDD 2010 will start at **1 pm** in Roosevelt Room. Please check the presentation schedule at http://www.ischool.drexel.edu/isi-kdd2010/schedule.html. Dr. X. Sean Wang, program director of NSF Division of Intelligent Information Systems will be giving the keynote speech on Privacy Research in the Context of Trustworthy Computing at 1:10 pm. (http://www.ischool.drexel.edu/isi-kdd2010/speakers.html)

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Drop me a note if you are interested, rongyan@facebook.com, or stop by our booth in KDD'10.

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just point your device to http://kdd10.crowdvine.com/

Pierre Rosado: Thanks!
Leman Akoglu: That is very helpful, thanks!
Osmar Zaiane: Helpful indeed. Hopefully, my phone will connect in DC. Thanks Gabor.

Sat, Jul 24 at 7:58PM (3 comments)

http://www.kdd.org/awards_service.php#2010s ACM SIGKDD is pleased to announce that Prof. Osmar R. Zaïane is the winner of its 2010 Service Award. He is recognized for his significant service and contributions to the global KDD community.

Eamonn Keogh: This is a very well deserved award. I am thrilled to see Osmar recognized by the community this way. eamonn
Osmar Zaiane: Thank you. That is very nice of you. I have to admit, I am the one thrilled.

Sat, Jul 24 at 7:55PM (2 comments)

If you have developed applications in data mining, bioinformatics or other knowledge discovery fields -- or are interested in developing new applications to help researchers with their information/data search and discovery process -- we’d love for you stop by our booth. We'll share with you an exciting opportunity that will bring you the tools and content needed for your application creation process. Feel free to reach out to Benjamin Rubin at b.... [read more]

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We are hosting an Old Town Trolley tour of Washington, DC on Monday night at 8pm. This guided, narrated tour will take you siteseeing to the DC area and will last about 3 hours. On the tour you will see the major buildings and monuments and learn interesting trivia about them and the DC area. You need to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall on Sunday or Monday to sign up and get a ticket. If you are attending the conference with a spouse/partner... [read more]

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Please drop me a note if you are interested

Parisa Rashidi: I might be interested, let me know if we can meet.
Rohit Gupta: Dear Deepak, I would be very interested to talk to you about the openings in Yahoo Labs since I am graduating next month and currently looking for positions. I sent you a message - please go through it when you get a chance. Rohit

Thu, Jul 22 at 1:30PM (4 comments)

We have research positions (in the labs) as well as consulting and development positions available in Accenture Analytics group. Drop me a note or come find us at the conference.

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http://www.kdnuggets.com/2010/07/event-kdd-2010-microsoft-bing-recruiting.html?c2b Visit the link about to find out how to connect with Microsoft before the conference. And stay tuned for details about the events we are hosting at the conference. Marie Watkins

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http://www.kdd.org/awards_innovation.php#2010i ACM SIGKDD is pleased to announce that Prof. Christos Faloutsos is the winner of its 2010 Innovation Award. He is recognized for his fundamental contributions to graph and multimedia mining, fractals, self-similarity and power laws; indexing for multimedia and bioinformatics data, and data base performance evaluation.

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